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The events listed here run every weekday. However, depending on the numbers of visitors, we may run more (or fewer) workshops and the times may be changed.  These workshops usually last 35 to 50 minutes and are aimed at children between 6 and 12 (though all ages are welcome). 




Monday 24th October until Friday 28th October
(workshop times vary, see table for details)


Hands on Halloween
11am and 2pm

Come and have a go at scary science experiments in our fun workshop. With slime making and other spooky activities, everyone has the chance to have a go

Spooky Science
12noon and 3pm

Enjoy our magical interactive science show with a Halloween Twist. See potion brewing, science magic and ghoulish ghosts behaving strangely in our entertaining show.


We also have:-

The Molecule Treasure Trail

Hunt down the hidden molecules in our galleries, complete the form and hand it in at Reception for a chance to win a monthly prize
Free as part of your paid visit!

There are 18 to find, and some of them are harder to find than you might think!



The Puzzle Room

- a room full of fun puzzles, games and problems to solve. Free as part of your paid visit!