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The events listed here run every weekday. However, depending on the numbers of visitors, we may run more (or fewer) workshops and the times may be changed.  These workshops usually last 35 to 50 minutes and are aimed at children between 6 and 12 (though all ages are welcome). 


February Half-term

Workshops every WEEKDAY from Monday 15th February - Friday 19th February


Freezing Science at 11am and 2pm

Find out about the science of ice and snow. Learn about snowflakes, be amazed by hot ice and make your own snowstorm in a jar. Hopefully you won't end up frozen!



Super Cool Science Show at 12noon and 3pm

An exciting show about what happens when things get very cold, including weird and wonderful experiments using liquid nitrogen.
Great fun for all the family!





We also have:-

The Molecule Treasure Trail

Hunt down the hidden molecules in our galleries, complete the form and hand it in at Reception for a chance to win a monthly prize
Free as part of your paid visit!

There are 18 to find, and some of them are harder to find than you might think!



The Puzzle Room

- a room full of fun puzzles, games and problems to solve. Free as part of your paid visit!