Science Club

Our Science Club runs on the second Saturday of every month from 11am to 1pm and is FREE for young people aged 11-14. It is a great way for science fans to experience STEM activities away from a school setting.

Past activities have included:

  • Forensic science
  • Robots
  • Building bridges
  • Explosions
  • Investigating the science of chocolate
  • Crazy changes science show
  • Rockets
  • Science of thermoplastics

To join the club please send an email to our Education Manager,
who will send you a parental consent form to complete and return on the first visit.

Thereafter, places are limited and must be booked by phone on 0151 420 1121, giving your child’s name, age and contact telephone number.

Please note, the booking form for each month will only open after the club has been held the month before.

Over 14? Then join our OATS Club!

OATS is a FREE science club for Over Age Teenage Scientists!

Some of our science club members didn’t want to leave when they reached 14 so we created a second science club. They also meet on the second Saturday of every month at the same time as regular science club but they take on different projects.

The programme for OATS for 2017/2018 is as follows:

December Plastics – making and recycling
January Viruses and how to stop them
February Ball shooting robots
March Wind power challenge
April Building services challenge
May Making ice cream
June Rocket bottles
July Challenge the adults!

Contact our Education Manager, for more details