School classes and uniformed groups can now visit Catalyst for a sleepover in our 4th floor, glass-walled Observatory gallery.

Schools sleepover on Tuesday evenings and uniformed groups on a Friday or Saturday night. The package has been designed for groups of 20 or more up to a maximum of 40. Please call 0151 420 1121 to discuss availability.

The sleepover package costs £30 per person and includes:

  • Exclusive use of the three interactive galleries
  • Hot supper served in the cafe (eg hot dog in a roll, giant cookie and a drink)
  • Copy of a science trail for you to photocopy for your group to complete as they explore the galleries
  • Sleepover in the Observatory Gallery
  • Loan of a 65 inch TV to watch a film before bed
  • Breakfast served in the cafe (eg cereals with toast and jam and a drink)
  • Hands on workshop in the education studios
  • Science show delivered in the theatre
  • Member of Catalyst staff on site at all times

For more information about sleepovers for Uniformed Groups

For more information about sleepovers for Schools