New Developments

Panoramic Halton for KS2

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, this new range of workshops based in our glass-walled Observatory Gallery will give you a chance to find out more about the history and geography of the local area. Workshops can be tailored to suit the individual requirements of a KS2 class and include such topics as local history, geography and maths. Using the landscape outside as a stimulus, your class will have the chance to use our new interactive tablets to find out more about the area whilst practicing key Maths and English skills.

The hour long, suggested workshops cost £50 per session and include:

  • Landmarks and Maps – study the geography of Halton and practice your map skills. This can be combined with some maths, based on the local area.
  • Crossing the Mersey – An updated version of our workshop about the River Mersey. Find out about the history of the river that flows right past our windows and discover how things have changed over the years.
  • Building Bridges – Focus on the changes in Halton’s bridges over the last century and have a go at building and testing your own bridge with our class set of K’nex kit.


Explore your Universe for KS1

This new show and hands-on session has been designed especially for KS1 pupils and costs £50 for the hour long sesison.

The 30 minute show takes pupils on a tour of space. They will talk about the moon, the sun and other planets as they journey through the solar system in this interactive show including demonstrations with a thermal imaging camera, a Van de Graaff generator and a plasma ball.

In the 30 minute hands-on workshop pupils will learn about the constellations, they will make a constellation telescope and they will create their own rockets which they will launch in our lab!


Operation Earth for KS1 and KS2

The UK Association for Science Discovery Centres and the National Environment Research Council are to work on a programme of activities that will explore the importance of environmental science in helping us understand our changing world.

Operation Earth is a two-year long national programme that will engage, inspire and involve school age children and their families with NERC’s world-leading environmental science research. The programme will highlight the relevance of contemporary environmental science issues to everyone’s daily lives and to society’s future. It will be led by ASDC and three development partners – Dynamic Earth, Eden Project and Natural History Museum – with scientific expertise from NERC.

Catalyst is thrilled to be helping deliver this project in conjunction with Techniquest Glyndwr.

The project will involve a series of exceptional hands-on activities, experiments, public shows and meet-the-expert sessions for children and families across the UK. They include a planet Earth costume with its very own ice cap, a real-life experiment to demonstrate ocean acidification, sensors to measure air quality and microscopes to explore living things.

This project launched in February 2018