How to book

It is really easy to make a school booking and these can be made over the phone or by email.

  • Decide what topic you want to link to, for instance; Maths, Materials, Light, Hydrogen Power etc.
  • Take a look at the special events  and workshops to choose what activities you want to do.
  • Telephone 0151 420 1121 or email  to check availability
  • When you receive your booking confirmation paperwork, pay your deposit and then pay the balance either in advance or on the day of your visit
  • For KS1&2 you can order £2 or £3 Goodie Bags in advance from the Catalyst Gift Shop.  See below

Your booking confirmation paperwork will include:

  • Booking confirmation paperwork including costs and payment details
  • Terms and conditions
  • Additional information to help you plan your visit
  • General advice about risk assessments around the building
  • Specific risk assessments for each activity that you have booked
  • A copy of one of the Catalyst Trail booklets suitable for the age of your pupils. These may be photocopied for your pupils to complete as they explore the galleries

Most schools arrive at Catalyst as we open at 10.00am and they leave about 2.15pm to get back to school for the end of the school day. We will timetable you for your activities between those times and will also allow some time in the lunchroom where you can eat your packed lunch. We have lockable cloakrooms where you can leave your coats, bags and lunches and the lead teacher gets the key for the day so everything is secure and pupils won’t need to carry things around with them.

£2 or £3 Goodie Bags pre-ordered from the Catalyst Gift Shop can make using the shop less stressful and more equitable. These will me made up ready for you to collect either on arrival or departure and an order form, should you wish to use it, can be requested at the time of booking.  In this case the form will be sent with your booking confirmation pack.