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Imperial Chemical Industries was one of the British industrial powerhouses of the 20th century encompassing the whole of the United Kingdom, from Hale in Cornwall to Dundee in Scotland and included for example massive metalworking in the West Midlands and in South Wales.

In 1950 ICI employed about 100,000 people nationally with 23,000 of these in the predecessors of Mond Division alone. The significance of ICI in the North West was as an industrial employer of the first rank, behind only the nationalised industries.

See the link for a complete list of all Catalyst’s copies of ICI employee publications such as ICI Magazine including the various divisional publications, for example Hexagon Courier or Alkali News. Some Gen Chem magazines are available to view here.

The entire General Chemicals Division Research Reports list is here:- ICI General Chemicals Research Reports List – 1896 to 1998 – 30 January 2014

Summary of ICI Pilkington Sullivan Monthly Labour Returns 1926-1938

ICI Worldwide Map

ICI Works Map May 1955

ICI Employee Publications 1928-2011