Widnes SciBar @ Catalyst

Widnes Scibar (note change of venue!)

One Small Step for Man’ – the story behind getting the first human on to the Moon

Catalyst, Mersey Rd, Widnes, WA8 0DF
7.30 pm, Wednesday 10th July 2019


Bob Roach – Catalyst Volunteer & Trustee

The first Moon landing is one of those events that people who were around at the time can recall where they were. We can share some of those recollections as well as looking at what was involved in achieving that historic event. How the USSR had, in the Cold War era, shocked Americans with both Sputnik, the first satellite to orbit the Earth, & then Gagarin being the first human into space. How President Kennedy set the target of an American getting to the Moon & back safely to Earth before the end of the 1960s. How, in achieving this, there was tragedy, bravery, luck, much learning from experience & massive technical development.

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