12th August

Catalyst digitises rare film

64 Years ago this week on 14th August 1955 was the Annual Swimming Gala of ICI Alkali Division centred in Northwich.

It always took place at Marbury Pool near Northwich and a very rare 16mm colour film of the 1955 Gala has been found.  It has been digitised by Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum in Widnes and now forms the central feature of a new permanent gallery celebrating the life of Harry Baker, Works Chemist at Castner-Kellner Works in Runcorn and the continuous production of chlorine there since 1897.

Chair of Trustees, Dr Diana M. Leitch MBE said “The public are very familiar with the chlorination of swimming pools and we decided that this rare film was an ideal way of demonstrating this particular use. The four minute film shows people of all ages taking parts in events that year.  We hope that some of our visitors might recognise themselves or relatives and friends and we would love to know the names of some of these people and to meet them”.

The gallery has been funded by an AIM Biffa Award and is part of their History Makers series of projects. It features many other current uses of chlorine as well as the story of Harry Baker and his family.


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