15th March

21 Stories 21 Chromosomes

17th – 24th of March 2019 is World Down Syndrome Awareness Week. Every year for a week during March across the globe communities celebrate the achievements of people with Down’s syndrome, telling their stories and platforming their voices. It is also opportunity to challenge misconceptions about Down Syndrome and to call for society to be more inclusive.

During the 18th to the 24th of March, Catalyst Science Discovery Centre will be hosting a pop-up display ’21 Stories, 21 Chromosomes’ curated by Leah Jones. Leah Jones, born on Mersey Road where Catalyst is located, is a self-advocate that runs her own company ‘Positive You’.

Leah says:

“As a person with Down Syndrome, throughout my life I have become a part of a wonderful community of people with Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome is a genetic condition from birth where there is a third copy of chromosome 21 in a person’s DNA. With this in mind, I have asked 21 local people who have Down Syndrome to share their success stories. When you look out from Catalyst’s beautiful Observatory Gallery with panoramic views over Halton, be inspired by their stories and remember – it’s only an extra chromosome!”

Notes for Editors

About Positive You

Positive You is an organisation which aims to support people with learning disabilities to have good confidence and self-esteem. Positive You works with people using arts and crafts, supporting them to express themselves in their own special ways, transforming attitudes and promoting positivity along the way. Founded in 2013, Positive You is designed and delivered by self-advocate Leah Jones. ​It offers a fun and creative four-week training programme, as well as public workshops, arts exhibitions and awareness campaigns.

Funded by Wellbeing Enterprises.



About Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre and Museum is the only museum in the UK which explores the science and technology behind the chemical industry and its impact on our lives past and present through a host of hands-on exhibits, activities and demonstrations. Catalyst is a great science based family attraction with an excellent educational focus. At weekends and during school holidays everyone can have fun, taking part in our hands-on workshop activities or see a family science show.

Catalyst community activity is supported by Inspiring Science Fund